Blue Sky Shield Solutions provide various testing products and services, focusing on health and safety throughout industry. Substance abuse in the work place is spiraling out of control where Employers and Managers are not even aware it is happening, and the results can be catastrophic. Blue Sky Shield Solutions as a division of Blue Sky Global Distribution has developed a detailed procedure, starting with implementing a drug and alcohol company policy right through to the actual testing and follow up of a positive result.

Included in our testing, based on the laws of Cyprus, we have also implemented a food safety division that can carry out food safety training followed by inspections and controls. Adopting the “Deterrent” approach, we believe that the workplace will become so much safer, if individuals know that they could at any time can be evaluated or tested that in turn will yield a change in employee mindset and improve the health and safety of your organization.

Through our commitment to innovation, we continue to introduce new products and technologies that redefine the standard for the industry. Combining our resources, reduces the costs that we are then able to pass onto our customers that will bring both savings and improved workplace safety and security that will ultimately become a culture of your business. Our customers are diverse, from the general public right through to Government Agencies across the globe and our name is synonymous with reliable, efficient and cost effective products and services.

Blue Sky Global Distribution has put focus on the customer and the need to provide uncompromised service and reliability. As a company we have lived through and continue to grow by listening and understanding the industries requirements and the individual needs of every customer.

The benefits of this continue today, and alongside the experience and knowledge that over 20 years in the industry bring, Blue Sky has built and maintains a strong relationship with all the major suppliers and continue to forge new partnerships in the interests of our customer’s needs.

Focus on uncompromised safety and security solutions, is what makes us at Blue Sky a business partner of choice for both customers and suppliers.